The humble abode

This is an image we got off the internet and not our actual trailer.  Our trailer is a 2006 Keystone Challenger, 34 feet long with 3 slide outs. It's in perfect condition.  We don't own a truck large enough to move it and simply pay a friend to move it for us or rent a truck if we need it moved.  We own two vehicles---one Toyota minivan and one small Toyota truck. 

Our fine feathered friends

We currently have 25 chickens, that we raised from chicks.  They are days away from starting to lay and we're quite excited to have fresh organic eggs at our doorstep.  They are so much better than store eggs, both in flavor and nutrition.  We have a coop for them and let them wander within the bounds of an electric fence (solar battery powered) when we're home and keeping an eye on them.  They tread lightly on the ground and only improve the soil when moved frequently.

A wall tent for lovely outdoor living

Again, this is just an image from the internet, but our wall tent is 10x20 and just as cozy.  It has a small woodstove inside and is so much fun to hang out in, even in the dead of winter.  We would have it set up next to/across from the fifth wheel.  It is set up on a floor which is basically a deck; very simple to set up and take down.