Our experiment in simpler living

Here's our story in a nutshell:  We love living in our fifth wheel trailer so much that we've decided to try it full-time. 
Having only as much "stuff" as we can fit into 34 feet of trailer space is a far cry from the life we've led up until now, having owned two homes and garages full of things that we never even looked at but spent a lot of time moving around and repacking.  We are NOT victims of foreclosure or the shrinking economy.  Our decision to simplify is purely voluntary.  Now that we've finished our big purge of belongings, we're seeking a piece of property to rent where we can live in our fifth wheel trailer and explore what it means to live a simpler life.  Perhaps you have a place for our family.  If you think this might work for you, please read on and go to the "details" page for more ideas and explanations. Thanks!

The kids, the mom, the dad (just so you know we're real!)

These photos are kind of old---our kids are 7, 4.5 and 2.5 today.  We clearly need a new family picture!