Here's what you might want to know about us:

****We have excellent credit and great references!
****Morgan (Dad) is a teacher (10 years, same district, stable job) and a college adjunct professor at Concordia University.
****Barb (Mom) is a stay at home mom, former teacher.
****Kids are homeschooled, kind, inquisitive, energetic, like to work on "projects", draw, paint, build, read, play dress up, cook, help, meet new people----just lovely kids.

Here's what we'd like to find in a rental property:

****A place to park our fifth wheel trailer with as many "hook ups" as possible (electric, water, phone, sewer--although if there is no sewer hook up, we can have our trailer pumped regularly without much difficulty).
****We'd like a country setting, some distance from the main house (if there is one) with some privacy.
****A yard space, preferably at least one half acre, but more would be great, that we can use for raised bed gardening, chickens, erecting our wall tent in the summer (see "our stuff" page) and letting the kids run around and play.
****This space should be free of dogs and their poop (we don't have dogs or cats, FYI). 
****A month to month lease with minimal security deposit.  We would give you 30 days notice of our moving. 
****Freedom to have friends and family visit us, assuring you that we would not disturb your peace and quiet.

Here's what we have to offer:

****We can definitely pay for the space outright (the going rate seems to be $300-500 a month, depending on amenities)
BUT we can also offer other things in trade. 
We know how to garden and raise chickens, milk goats and cows, take care of property (yard maintenance, tree pruning, cut fire wood, etc.).  Barb is home most days with the kids, so perhaps you have a property that you'd like to have "watched over" because you're gone most of the time or you don't currently live there, are trying to sell it, etc.  We're open to ideas. 

****Maybe you have an organic farm---we have experience in vegetable gardening and fruit tree planting.
****Morgan has been an auto cad drafter, forest service fire fighter, rowing coach, owned a small landscaping business, is currently a middle school teacher and college adjunct professor. 
****Barb has been a middle and elementary school teacher, private tutor, and childcare provider.  Perhaps you have a need for our skills and would like to work out a trade.  
****Maybe you have property that you would like to see produce much or all of your vegetables, berries, fruit, and eggs.  How about your own personal CSA, right on your own property? 

We are open to creative and mutually beneficial arrangements! 
The economy is unpredictable and threatening to get worse.  We can help pay your mortgage and you can offer us a place to live where our children can breath fresh air.   Seems like a great deal all around. Please go to the "contact us" page if you'd like to talk about what you have available!